gaggia baby twin espresso machine, 12500

The Gaggia Baby Twin espresso beer will revolutionize the home semi-automatic in its class with a dual heating system, which can be directly in the production of steam beer accessible without missing anything. saeco espresso machine Gaggia Baby line of espresso machines was one of the engines behind the modern concept of using the pump. His three-way solenoid valve, commercial brew group, the infusion cycle, powerful 15 bar pump add to the allure of this innovative design with rich cream is just a few minutes. All these heavy-duty internal components are controlled by a modern ring with green backlit buttons. This device keychains, beer, programming, supply hot water, and fires, including the supply of boiler steam temperature and beer. During the past 25 years become one of the best espresso machines in its class. This kind of pump-specific components of the Gaggia espresso wand quality beer commercial and a leader in high-level steam espresso Gaggia Home

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